Family Tree

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Family Tree

About two years ago, Josh and I came up with this plan for an exceptional gift for someone very special: Josh’s Grandma. Project after project, deadline after deadline, this lovely venture got lost in our pile and fell down the ranks of our to-do lists until we finally made up our minds to finish it before our deadline. It took a lot of dedication and long hours of work, but I was able to finish it and we were able to finally give it to Grandma as a gift on her special occasion. If you like our idea and you enjoy cross stitching as much as I do, maybe you can try to make your own family tree for someone special in your life. We can assure you that your special person will LOVE the gift 🙂

Click here to check our eight step process with pictures and a little description to help you with your project

Copyright © 2014 - 2016 Sonilda Bardhoshi Mills, Joshua Joseph Mills.
All rights reserved. Published in Canada by The Mills' Mill.

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