Military Pants – German Style

© The Mills' Mill
Military Pants – German Style

I desperately wanted some pants with a military-looking design. Josh and I went out and about shopping together, looking EVERYWHERE for a decent pair, but we couldn’t find anything satisfying, anything I really liked, or anything I would be pleased to wear. Most of the pants we found were not the right style or design and some others were not the right type of fabric that I like. After a long week of disappointment with shopping malls, we made a final decision to buy the fabric so I could design my own pants. This is exactly what we did!

I bought two amazing denim cotton fabrics, one dark navy blue and one beige. I threw some rough sketches on paper, until I came up with a couple of perfect designs I really was happy with. For these pants I wanted something similar to the German military pants they used in WWII, but more modern. Plus they had to be warm, so I could use them in the cold winter and on snowy days that Canada is famous for.

Usually I like loose pants, so I made the top part very comfortable, with functional pockets in front and decorative pockets on the back. The best thing about the military-esque pants is the side-pockets, so I definitely wanted additional side-pockets. I am a 90’s girl after all. 😛 I designed them with skinny legs, as it makes you look taller, which is more convenient for use with long winter boots.

For my favorite part, the details, I used military-looking buttons. I put seven of them on the sides of the pants to create an interesting design. For the final touch I put a few silver pins on the edges of the front pockets. It turned out to be an amazing military-esque design and I am so pleased to wear these pants whenever the mood strikes me. Check it out 🙂

P.S. If you don’t know how to cut patterns from the get go, use a pair of pants you own and start your fashion designing adventure.

Military Pants – Victorian Style

© The Mills' Mill
Military Pants – Victorian Style

I wanted something more aggressive and modern while I was designing this pair of pants. I love Victorian-style and military-style outfits… Does that make any sense? 😛 I used a mix of two different fabric-colors that I thought would stand out and draw your eyes to the design.

I kept the top half of the pants loose and comfortable in this pair as well, then added a few small folds on the front back, on both left and right sides equally, to create a more puffy look. This time I started the skinny, bottom part of the pants on top of the knee to give it that Victorian style of pants I was talking about.

In the Mills’ world, loads of pockets is, was and will always be an absolute must! I started by creating two functional pockets in front, on the top, followed by two more decorative ones on the back to perfect the look. 🙂 I didn’t want a cover for the side pockets this time, which makes it easier to pull things from your pockets.

For the bottom of the legs I added laces so I can change the widths of the pants the way I like them. This gives the pants a higher level of personal comfort. I also added a few more buttons to detail the design and some gold pins around the hips. Lastly, gold pins on top of the dark navy blue pockets make the two colors of the fabrics complement each other better. I definitely LOVE these pants! 🙂

Copyright © 2018 Sonilda Bardhoshi Mills, Joshua Joseph Mills.
All rights reserved. Published in Canada by The Mills' Mill.







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