Clothing and fashion play a big role in everyone’s life, whether we know it or not. Sometimes we like the new trends and the new fashion tips, but sometimes they don’t fit our lifestyle or our comfort level.

Sometimes we have something in mind that we want to wear and it’s hard (or impossible) to find in any stores, so we might want to get to work and craft it ourselves. Other times we might be inspired to experiment with an idea we’ve been contemplating and find out if we can transform it into a masterpiece. On top of that there are other times we might be attached to a certain pair of pants, a dress or a skirt, but it’s a bit out of style so we just want to cut and trim some parts of it to bring it a few years forward in fashion trends.

Whatever your purpose is, feel free to check out some of our ideas here. They might help you sculpt your own design or you can attempt ours as long as you don’t try to sell it as your own idea. Stealing intellectual property hurts. 🙂

Enjoy your browsing! 😉



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