About Us

Welcome to The Mills’ Mill!

We are Josh and Soni; an amazingly creative couple with ideas that can’t wait to emerge as works of art. This is our Mill; a place where our projects achieve their full potential.

Soni was born into a family of artists and from the day she could walk, she first walked to her father’s paintbrushes. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2004 and soon realized that not only could she paint with mastery, but she also excelled highly in the arts of graphic design, cartoons and comics, fashion design, photography and crafting.

Josh has always been praised for his creative writing and poetry but he never fully realized his potential until the year 2008 when he published his first short story for children. He has since been published eight more times and is currently working on his first novel. He has a degree in Information Technology Network Security.

We live in beautiful city in Ontario and our passion is our love for one another. Soni loves to draw cartoons, create animation and graphic design, while Josh enjoys writing stories and playing the occasional video game.

After a hard day’s work we love to spend our sunset hours creatively, on the projects that we will be unveiling on this website. Our cute cat, Yuffie will be inspecting the quality of our work as we move along.

Enjoy your stay here at The Mills’ Mill!