Charming Charm Bracelet

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Charming Charm Bracelet

We LOVE charm bracelets! Who doesn’t? They’re jewelry, they’re precious and they carry around your best life memories with you everywhere you go. They’re the perfect accessory to add to your occasional nights out, to a fancy gathering or to a trendy business meeting. Talking about trends, they’re definitely a trend we stand behind.

Today Josh and I decided to share my charming charm bracelet (that’s how we unanimously decided to name it :D). It all started on March 16, 2015, which marked my second year anniversary of moving to Canada to reunite with my husband Josh. His grandmother gave me a thoughtful card that day. Along with the card came a super-cute charm that had the words “Be Strong” engraved on it.

I instantly knew I’d like to turn this little charm into a beautiful piece of jewelry and bring it with me every time I feel I need to be a bit stronger. What I had in mind was very aristocratic jewelry, heavy and filled with handmade charms. I wanted it to look very hot couture-ish. I started sculpting different designs with different beads and wires and I wanted to use red, black, white and transparent when it came to colors and silver wiring.

In the end I couldn’t choose which design I liked best, so I decided to keep each of the different designs and add them all to my charming charm bracelet along with other charms I bought here and there over the years. It’s the best piece of jewelry I have because it means a lot to me. It reminds me to Be Strong and handle everything that comes along with Charm.

Do you have a special charm, a piece of jewelry, a small rock or just a simple cute memory? Don’t let it collect dust in your drawer, top shelf or jewelry box. Turn it into a fabulous jewelry piece and bring it with you to remind you of how special and precious you are.

Check out our pictures for inspiration and tips and don’t forget: Be Strong and keep charming! 🙂

© The Mills' Mill
Charming Charm Bracelet – Step by step
© The Mills' Mill
Charming Charm Bracelet – Step by step
Copyright © 2014 - 2016 Sonilda Bardhoshi Mills, Joshua Joseph Mills.
All rights reserved. Published in Canada by The Mills' Mill.

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