Mouse Pincushion and Needle Book

© The Mills' Mill
Mouse Pincushion and Needle Book


The Mouse is a very popular theme for a pincushion. We’ve seen many different kinds, and you might have too, but we still wanted to make our own Mouse Pincushion and Needle Book, since it has the potential to be the cutest of them all. We wanted it to look as much like a mouse as possible, without sacrificing the cute factor. To give it a bit of character we made his whiskers yellow, as this makes a nice contrast with the black, and it’s in the same warm color family as the brown of his ears. We also used yellow beads to give it amazing, sparkly eyes.

When it came to the accompanying needle-book design we started crafting it as a mouse as well, to make them like friends or like a cute couple, but Josh suggested a piece of cheese instead. What better friend can we give to a mouse than a piece of cheese? Maybe you can try the “couples version” and give your little mouse a wife. 🙂 What do you think?

Copyright © 2014 - 2016 Sonilda Bardhoshi Mills, Joshua Joseph Mills.
All rights reserved. Published in Canada by The Mills' Mill.

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